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Le Secret Naturel, naturals and organics
cosmetics manufacturer. Founded in Provence in 2002.

Who are we ?

The story of a french organic cosmetics manufacturer

Established in the heart of a small village in Provence since 2002, Le Secret Naturel was born of an alliance between André Arnaud, President of Le Secret Naturel, a graduate in economics, law, banking and financial techniques, and Janine Blanchard, food engineer, graduate in botany, herbology and aromatherapy.

In its beginnings, the company was a soap factory that created organic soaps with only ingredients, the treasures of Provence and a lot of sun.
Janine was passionate about the beauty industry, she made natural and organic cosmetics on her own, during her spare time. She used vegetable oils from from Provence and neighboring regions.

Little by little, André was convinced by Janine’s findings. However, although Provence has a lot of natural ingredients, the choices were limited. It was necessary to explore further in order to find other ingredients to create different products with multiple benefits.

With our experience in Provence, we wanted to offer diverse products and take advantage of the benefits of ingredients from elsewhere…

« The organic artisans »

discovering best natural ingredients

We were like explorers, looking for the purest ingredients to create exceptional products.

So we went to Ghana, Africa, where our Shea Butter range was born. Then we discovered the secrets of Ayurveda in India before exploring South America, etc.

Each of our ranges is associated with a destination. Through our skin care products, we want to break the boundaries and invite you to travel.

Discover our ranges

French organic cosmetics rich in natural ingredients

The path was hard and laborious, but we managed to find natural treasures even in unknown lands.

We discovered the magnificent shea butter from Africa, camel milk and pure nigella oil from the Middle East, Ayurvedic medicine and its magic plants from India or the precious mango butter and hibiscus oil from South America.

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Organic beauty products
high quality

We have created cosmetics products made from the treasures that nature has given us to take care of the whole family.

Because there’s nothing better than a naturally healthy and rich ingredient thanks to its properties. We take every ingredient from nature with the aim of making it even more valuable.

That’s why we’ve collected all the wonders of the world. To make them available to you.

Our quality commitments

Handmade manufacture

We are craftsperson, passionate creators and proud of our savoir-faire. Proud to work with high-quality raw materials in a human sized company which is respectful of the nature and humans. Our products are formulated and manufactured in our laboratories, by hand. This is how we can preserve all our ingredients virtues.

From the creation of the formulas, to the marketing of the products, through their manufacture, we are concerned to respect our ideals. True to our values, we pursue our efforts and we are always evolving for a better future.

Our products commitments

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